Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award is given to members, friends of the USSYAA, and others who have provided outstanding service to the organization worthy of special recognition and thanks.

Outstanding Service Award Recipients

1999 Mrs. George Randolph Hearst, Sr. (“Mom Hearst”)

2000 James T. Molloy & U.S. Senator Susan M. Collins (ME-1971)

2001 Gladys S. Hundley & Dr. Roy B. McKeown

2002 Millicent Hearst Boudjakdji

2003 Thomas Eastham

2004 Robert M. Frehse, Jr. & Rita A. Almon

2006 John P. Spisak

2008 Judge Robert H. Henry (OK-1971)

2009 Thomas F. “Mack” McLarty, III (AR-1964)

2010 Brian Kamoie (PA-1989)

2011 Steven Rice (WY-1985)