Board of Directors

The United States Senate Youth Alumni Association is governed by a Board of Directors, elected in even-numbered years by a vote of the general membership to serve two-year terms. With the exception of the President, all Board members are directly elected and assume office upon election. The member elected President-Elect serves two years in that role, and then succeeds to the presidency at the next election for the following two-year term.

For the term starting in March 2022 and ending in March 2024, the Board of Directors of the United States Senate Youth Alumni Association includes the following members:

President – Amanda Patarino (CO-2012)
President-Elect – Taylor Oster (ND-2012)
Vice President – Vacant
Secretary – Neil Kline (WI-2014)
Treasurer – David Zavadsky (WI-1990)
Parliamentarian – John Connolly (PN-2012)
Liaison Officer – James Brown (CO-2008)
Director of Alumni Programs – Victoria Cundiff (CO-1973)
Director of Communications – Aaron Cross (WV-2002)
Director of Technology – Ryan Gavin (ME-2009)
Eastern Regional Director – Johnson Elugbadebo (IL-1998)
Eastern Regional Director – Nicholas Hanson (IL-2007)
National Capital Region Director – Sean Dzierzanowski (MD-2007)
Southern Regional Director – Victor Agbafe (NC-2015)
Western Regional Director – Vacant

Non-Voting Members

Immediate Past President – Gil Valadez (DE-1997)
Executive Director – John Blakley (MI-1976)
Deputy Executive Director – John Spisak
Social Media Advisor – Nicole Fintel (NE-2018)

Former Presidents